Why Sunglasses Are Much More Than Fashion Accessories

If you are like a rapidly growing number of people, you dutifully slather your skin with high-SPF sunscreen to protect it from damage. Unfortunately, statistics say that you probably don’t take advantage of readily available optometric services and provide your eyes with the same level of protection. Less than half of the ten thousand United States residents in a 2012 survey knew that sunglasses were important for eye care. In fact, nearly a third of them claimed that they never even wore sunglasses. This is a frightening statistic since sunglasses play a critical role in preventing a range of eye problems that result from damage caused by sun exposure and other environmental conditions.



Sunglasses Prevent Dry Eyes

how to protect your eyes from the sunMany people suffer from dry eyes. This irritating and painful problem is often the result of environmental conditions, such as dry air and harsh wind. Wearing sunglasses is actually a good way to prevent this condition because glasses are a physical barrier between your eyes and harsh winds and blowing dust. For maximum protection, consider a wraparound style to shield your eyes from the sides as well as the front.

Sunglasses Reduce Glare And Block Damaging UVA & UVB Rays

In addition to keeping out wind, dust and other irritants, sunglasses reduce glare and block damaging UVA and UVB rays. Wearing sunglasses keeps you safer while engaging in activities, like driving, that require acute vision in bright conditions. In fact, sun glare is responsible for more than 100 fatal auto accidents annually. If that weren’t enough reason to wear them, sunglasses also help protect your eyes from long-term radiation damage.

Sunglasses Prevent  Straining & Squinting

wearing sunglasses for eye healthTwo other often-overlooked sources of eye damage are excessive straining and squinting. Straining can damage your eyesight, and squinting can cause early wrinkle formation around the eyes. Regularly using sunglasses to protect your eyes will help you reduce your need to strain and squint. This will make you feel better and help preserve both your vision and your youthful appearance.

Sunglasses Reduce Jet Lag

In addition to offering protection from a variety of damaging environmental conditions, wearing sunglasses may even be able to help reduce jet lag. This all-too-familiar condition, which is characterized by fatigue and depleted energy levels, strikes travelers returning from business trips, vacations and other long-distance excursions. Fortunately, experts believe that wearing sunglasses can reduce or prevent this problem. In theory, by reducing UV exposure during travel by covering your eyes with sunglasses, you can aid your body clock in adjusting to sudden time changes. This may allow you to more easily bounce back from a long journey.

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