Tips For Keeping Your Glasses Clean

Seeing double, or perhaps, not seeing at all? It may not be time for a new perception yet, but it’s definitely time for you to clean your glasses. Properly caring for your glasses is the number one way to ensure they last a long time. It doesn’t have to be complicated or worrisome, the proper care for your glasses is simple and easy. From the frames to the class there’s a proper tool and technique that will keep them clean and in top working order. Here are our top tips to properly care for your glasses.


Use A microfiber cloth

Using the right cloth to clean your lenses will stop micro scratches from appearing on the surface. These scratches build up with time and affect your ability to see with your glasses. To make sure that doesn’t happen, clean your glasses with the included solution and a clean microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth is also ideal for removing smudges or oil from your glasses — giving you a sharp and clean look. If you’re not sure what cloth to use, be sure to ask your optometrist for a suggestion — they may even have clothes for you to use.

Get A Yearly Cleaning

Getting your eyes checked once a year isn’t just a precaution, it’s good medical advice to maintain the health of your eyes. Take this time to have your glasses professionally cleaned as well. A professional clean will remove dirt and buildup from corners and crevasses your cloth can’t normally reach. A trained technician will also ensure your glasses fit right and the frames are scratch free. A yearly cleaning will also give you a chance to replace the lenses to a more suitable fit for your eyes.

Don’t Forget Your Frames

Remember not to get so caught up in keeping your lenses clean that you forget to clean your frame as well. Buildups of oil and skin cells can cause glass frames to wear and crack. By cleaning them with a glasses solution, you’ll remove any residue before it causes damage. Inspect your frames about every month, look for cracks, missing screws, or areas of wear. If you find something concerning, bring it into your local optometrist.

Store Your Glasses In A Case

eye glasses maintenanceAccidents happen even in the safest of areas. Remember not to set your glasses on your nightstand without placing them securely into a glasses case. Glasses case are specially designed to house and protect your glasses. So you can be sure that an accident in the middle of the night won’t bring you to the optometrist later that morning. By remembering to use your case, your glasses will be safe no matter what happens.

Keeping your glasses properly cleaned doesn’t have to be a challenge. Simply use solution designed for your glasses, a non-scratch microfiber cloth, and regular cleaning to fight the battle against dirt and grim. We hope you enjoyed all of our tips for keeping your glasses clean.

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