The Importance Of Eye Examinations For Children

 Eye Exam For KidsChildren need eye examinations, even more than adults because good eyesight to prepare them for school. For children under the age of 18, they need to see a pediatric optometrist because he or she specializes in detecting and treating visions problems for children in this age bracket.

A school nurse in a public school offers vision screening for children. This is performed to find out how well a child can read an eye chart, an eye chart that is read 20 feet away. Children beginning kindergarten may also be tested for color blindness.

To ensure that a child’s vision is good, parents are encouraged to arrange a comprehensive eye examination with a qualified pediatric optometrist. Because school vision screenings are limited and sometimes cannot find various vision problems, this is a necessary and needed examination.



A school exam does not test near vision, even though it checks vision at a distance. Children, who have trouble seeing close objects, as with farsightedness, will have difficulties reading. Binocular vision dysfunction is another problem that often goes undetected in a school vision screening. This is when the line of sight from one eye does not correctly align with the other eye. Correcting the alignment takes away unnecessary strain on the eye muscles.

Dizziness, headaches, trouble reading and disorientation can occur with binocular vision. Reading comprehension is necessary and depends on the correct alignment of the eyes and enables the eyes to stay focused when reading.

Lazy eye, also known as Amblyopia, is when one eye wanders instead of being in alignment with the other eye. The brain compensates for this by ignoring everything that the wandering eye sends to it and if this is not treated, then it can become a serious health issue.

To be clear, a pediatric optometrist has the skills and abilities to test a child for all kinds of vision problems. In order for eyes toEye Exams remain healthy and safe from health concerns, early detection is needed. Of course, that is why regular eye appointments are necessary and important for all children.

To conclude, children need yearly eye examinations. As a child grows, their eyes change quickly. This is a good reason why many eye experts agree that children should have yearly eye examinations with a pediatric optometrist. Without a comprehensive annual exam, many eye conditions can go untreated, even though school screening can be helpful finding basic vision problems. For parents who want their child to achieve success in school, they should schedule regular eyes exams with a reputable optometrist.

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