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5 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief

In modern offices, most workers can be seen slaving away at their computer all day. These powerful machines make it possible to complete a variety of tasks but they also create a few problems such as eye strain. Affected individuals may complain about redness, twitching, pain and fatigue. Their productivity can decrease while their errors increase. To get relief, consider the following proven solutions found in this article. Click through to read more on this subject. Read more »

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Top Eye Care Mistakes You Might Be Making

Despite the fact that one relies on their eyes from the time they wake up right up to when they sleep, most people take their eyes for granted. Considering the huge role vision plays in one's life, it's important to care for the eyes properly. There are a few eye care mistakes to avoid if you want your vision to stay healthy well into old age. Click through to find out more on this topic. Read more »

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The Top 7 Things That Can Hurt Your Eyes

No one can possibly argue with anybody else when it comes to the fact that the eyes are easily one of the most important organs in the body. Life without the ability to see or life with damaged eyes is a much harder reality to live. Some items on this list might surprise you. However, it is best to be aware of what can damage your eyes so that you can take the necessary precautions and eye care for the health of your eyes. This article discusses the top seven things that can damage your eyes. Read more »