Best Ways To Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Breaking

eyeglasses care in Manhattan NYPrescription eyeglasses and designer sunglasses are usually expensive, so nobody is happy when their eyeglasses break. These special pieces of eye-wear can break in a number of ways. For one, the arms can break off due to poor handling. The frames can also break in the middle, at the nose bridge. The lenses can also break. It is important to note that replacing or repairing eyeglasses is costly, so you may want to take proper care of your eyeglasses to ensure they last long. The following are a few strategies to help prevent your eyeglasses from breaking.

Never Sit On Your Eyeglasses

While this may seem like an obvious tip, many people usually sit on their favorite couch without looking. As a result, they end up sitting on their eyeglasses, which they had left on the couch earlier. To prevent this from happening, always look before you sit. Ideally, you should always try to place your eyeglasses on the table or nightstand.

Learn How To Wear And Remove Eyeglasses

One of the main causes of eyeglass damage is poor handling. Many people do not know how to put on or remove eyeglasses. If you thought that using one hand to put on or take off eyeglasses is okay, you’re wrong. Using a single hand to put on or take off eyeglasses will force the other arm to bend, and this is what usually causes breakage. Ideally, you should use both hands to put on the glasses to ensure the arms do not bend. Be sure to also use both hands when removing the glasses.

Maintain Your Glasses

Eyeglasses have three moving parts, the frame and two arms. With time, the screws on the joints connecting the frame to the arms may get loose. If not tightened, an arm may fall off and drop to the ground together with the frame and the other arm. To prevent this from happening, be sure to use a small screw driver to tighten the screws whenever the arms feel loose.

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Buy Glasses With A Titanium-Nickel Frame

Titanium-nickel is normally referred to as memory metal because it often returns to its normal form after being bent or twisted. If you’re always hard on your glasses, consider getting glasses with frames made from this memory metal. Another benefit of this metal is that it’s extremely light in weight, so you will enjoy wearing your glasses.

Always Keep Your Eyeglasses In The Case

eye glasses caseEvery pair of eyeglasses comes with its own casing. Therefore, you should always keep your eye-wear in its casing when they’re not in use. The casing is usually rigid, so it offers sufficient protection in case you drop or sit on the glasses.

Take Off Your Glasses When Playing Or Working Out

When going to jog or exercise at the gym, remember to take off your glasses. This is because they can easily fall off when you are running, playing or exercising at the gym. If you feel you must wear glasses to see while performing these activities, consider buying protective sports eye-wear.

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Additional Tips For Eye-Wear Care:


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In order to prevent your glasses form breaking, be sure to follow the above steps. Many glasses break due to bad habits that people have. They may have the habit of leaving their glasses anywhere and because of this, they may sit on them or even accidentally step on them. Whenever you need a comprehensive eye exam, contact Optometric Eye Services. We are committed to providing each patient with quality vision solutions. Our staff holds firmly to the value of offering excellent service, care and products through friendly, positive and professional teamwork. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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