5 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief

woman who needs an eye exam in Manhattan NYC from computer eye strainIn modern offices, most workers can be seen slaving away at their computer all day. These powerful machines make it possible to complete a variety of tasks but they also create a few problems such as eye strain. Affected individuals may complain about redness, twitching, pain and fatigue. Their productivity can decrease while their errors increase. To get relief, consider the following proven solutions:

1. Use Eye-Friendly Hardware

Those who are holding onto to their CRT monitors should think about upgrading to the newer LCD or LED screens. These don’t only save space with their sleek form factor. They also save our eyes from strain because of the way they work. CRTs are notorious for flickering which makes them tiring to look at, especially at low refresh rates. LCD screens don’t suffer from this thanks to the high frequency backlighting. They also have larger sizes available for bigger screen real estate and enhanced productivity.

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2. Adjust The Display Settings

If you already have a flat screen monitor, then turn your attention to the display settings. Make sure that the brightness isn’t overpowering. Try to reduce it until it matches the brightness of your work environment. Tweak the contrast setting as well to see if it makes a difference. Reduce the lower temperature to lower the amount of potentially harmful blue light emitted by the display. Increase the text size if you are having a difficult time reading documents and web pages.

3. Take Breaks Often

Looming deadlines can push people to their limits. A lot of workers stay at their desks throughout the shift, barely taking any breaks just to finish their tasks. This may seem heroic but it is simply unsustainable. After a while, the eyes will begin to ache and a general feeling of fatigue will set in. Then a complete halt will be necessary to recover. Avoid this by taking short breaks early and often. Don’t wait for eye strain to hit you. Be proactive in taking care of yourself. Get up from your station and walk around. Try to blink repeatedly and look at objects from a distance.

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4. Fiddle With Your Workstation

tips for computer eye strain reliefComfort is important when you spend such long hours seated in your station. If possible, get an ergonomic chair and adjust its height such that your feet are firmly on the ground while your eyes are about two feet from the monitor. The screen should ideally be 15 degrees below your eye level. Check the lighting on your desk. If it’s too dark in your corner, you may use a lamp to brighten it up but avoid direct glare. Use a diffuser to distribute light evenly.

5. Get Blue Light Filter Eye Wear

Finally, you may want to consider getting glasses with a blue light filter. This type of light is known to damage the retina with repeated exposure, thereby increasing the risk of macular degeneration. It also contributes to eye strain. The filter will minimize the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes.


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By following these tips, you will be able to find some relief from your computer eye strain. Also, it is important that you schedule a comprehensive eye exam once a year. This will keep your eyes healthy. Be sure to contact Optometric Eye Services. We are committed to providing each patient with quality vision solutions. Our staff holds firmly to the value of offering excellent service, care, and products through friendly, positive and professional teamwork. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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