Reduce Screen Time To Improve Eye Health

Image of Manhattan NY business man who needs to see an eye doctor Numerous people look at TV, computer, tablet or smartphone screens for many hours each week. Excessive screen time can harm eye health and cause itching, blurriness or redness. Pain may also occur in various parts of the body. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid these problems.

  1. Try not to look at a screen for more than two hours at a time, especially if it is particularly bright or small. At least half of computer users start to develop unpleasant symptoms after two hours.
  2. Schedule more breaks. A study revealed that employees experience much greater comfort and achieve better productivity when they take daily breaks totaling 50 minutes rather than 30. Take two breaks lasting 15 minutes each and four five-minute pauses. An alarm or timer may help remind you.
  3. Read printed magazines, books and newspapers. If you have enough light, paper reading materials generally cause less eyestrain than portable devices like tablets, laptop PCs and e-readers. They are also more durable and never need to be charged.
  4. When possible, write on paper as well. People usually appreciate and pay attention to postcards or letters more than email messages. Use notebooks to create to-do lists or take notes for a college class. Plan your week on a paper calendar.
  5. Do not use any screen when the sun directly shines on it. Avoid working in rooms with excessively bright lights. You will minimize glare if you clean a screen regularly and use a monitor with an integrated anti-glare coating or a separate glare filter.
  6. If you still have a traditional CRT monitor, be sure to set it to the highest refresh rate it supports. Rates above 70 Hz will reduce flickering and protect your eyes. See the Windows Control Panel or Apple System Preferences.
  7. When you must use a screen for long periods of time, remember to optimize the display settings. Increase the font size or zoom level as needed. Avoid bright white backgrounds; consider changing the default colors for word processing software.
  8. Ask an optometrist about specialized eyeglasses for people who frequently use computers. Bifocal, progressive and contact lenses often contribute to eyestrain. Remember to clean your eyeglasses as soon as they become dirty.
  9. Do not forget to blink your eyes regularly. People usually blink less often when they look at screens. This behavior causes your eyes to become dry and irritated. A humidifier may also help you avoid dryness by adding moisture to the air.
  10. Look away from the screen at least three times per hour. Do this for a half-minute, and focus on distant objects. They should be 20 or more feet from your work area. Take the time to observe a few details.

Basically, it is wise to find alternatives to screen time when possible. You can also enhance eye health by optimizing your computer settings and location. Be sure to schedule an eye examination every year as well. A specialist can provide personalized advice and treat any medical problems before they become more severe.

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When your life requires you to use computers or any devices that have a screen, be sure to use them wisely. Some people have to use computers all day at work and so there is no way to reduce screen time. When this is the case, be sure to use the above steps to protect your eyes. Furthermore, be sure to consult with a professional eye care specialist. They will be able to guide you on what you can do to prevent eyestrain and improve your eye health.

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