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What To Look For In A Good Eye Doctor In Chelsea NYC

Eye Doctor Chelsea NYCFor those who live in the greater NYC area, it may be common every day to run into a laundry list of “the best” in the city: everything from the best cheesecake to the best laundry to the best cable TV. When you are choosing something far more important than your errand list, however, how can you be sure that you are making the right choice? Finding the best eye doctor Chelsea NYC has to offer requires more than anecdotal evidence, but there are several ways to ensure that you are making the best possible choice before you ever step into an optometrist’s office.

The Neighborhood Writ Large

Living in Chelsea affords a resident the chance to take advantage of many of the benefits of living in Manhattan without the cramped, expensive locations to be found farther to the south. Thanks to the thriving immigrant populations settling nearby, it is possible to get excellent ethnic dining as well as shopping for clothing and knick-knacks. The close proximity to points of interest like Koreatown, the art galleries between Tenth and Eleventh, and Silicon Alley, furthermore, allow for access to a range of cultural points of interest. When you want to go find the best optometrist Chelsea NYC has to offer, where do you start out?



Know What You Are Looking For

Just as there are many different types of doctors, so too are there many different types of optometrists. While just about any clinical optometrist will be able to take an eye test and give you a new prescription for corrective lenses, in the event that you want a specific operation such as laser eye surgery you will have to find a specialist. There are generally two different types of eye doctors that you would want to see in non-emergency situations: an optometrist and an ophthalmologist. Which suits your needs better?


In the event that your eyes need a surgical procedure or you require a type of medication to control a condition such as glaucoma, visiting an ophthalmologist is your best bet to become healthy. These specialists will have either graduated from medical school and then completed an ophthalmology certification or they will have pursued a doctor of osteopathic medicine degree with a focus in eye conditions. Their expertise is in the medical operations that take place on an eye, ranging from advanced surgery to simple prescriptions to better balance the pressure within the eye itself.


optometrist chelsea nycWhenever you need to talk with an expert who is trained to detect maladies within your eyes, you need to find the services of an optometrist. An optometrist is not a medical doctor in the same way that a surgeon or a dermatologist is: they will not have graduated from medical school but instead will have completed four years worth of optometry school and then become certified or licensed to work in their state as a doctor of optometry (DO). These medical professionals are trained to do eye exams in order to detect any imperfections within your eye tissue, such as cataracts, that would require corrections. An optometrist can do any of the following:

  • Perform an eye exam
  • Prescribe corrective lenses
  • Diagnose eye conditions ranging from inflammation to uveitis
  • Refer you to an ophthalmologist

These doctors cannot actually perform the operations needed to correct an eye problem and cannot prescribe medications, but will be able to recommend an ophthalmologist or a general care practitioner who will. Though an optometrist cannot prescribe medicine or perform surgery, their services are valuable to determine what your eye’s focus is and how best to use corrective lenses to give you the best possible vision.

Finding The Best

Once you are sure what type of eye doctor you need to see, the next step is finding the best available specialist in the Chelsea area to help your vision issues. You can begin by asking around your friends and family whether they have any recommendations for a physician’s services that they use. Any time that you can get a personal recommendation is an excellent way to ensure that the eye care specialist you will see is committed to patient care and professionalism. If your entire family has 20/20 vision and you are not sure how to get a recommendation, go through a medical board in order to find one.

Medical Boards And Services

An excellent way to find any doctor, let alone an eye doctor, is to contact the American Board of Medical Specialties. You can get recommendations for eye doctors near you and determine if there are specialists who can help with a specific malady. This search function, furthermore, lets you know if a doctor is certified and licensed to practice in the state of New York (or if you are crossing the river, in New Jersey). In the event that a particular eye doctor has had disciplinary action in the past, it will be listed on their database. The American Board website offers information about what each certification means, furthermore, and provides detailed tips on how to find a doctor in your area.

Following Up On A Search

Once you have the contact number for a few optometrists or ophthalmologists in the Chelsea area, contact them directly about the services that they can offer you. They (or their staff) will be able to talk you through a check-up or an entire procedure when needed; though a doctor will likely not be able to discuss finances and insurance procedures, their staff will be able to assist you with the monetary aspects of a visit. Any time that you phone a physician’s office, ask whether they can make recommendations about their colleagues in the area: ask them what doctor they would choose if they were looking for an optometrist themselves.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Sometimes a phone conversation is enough information to tell what eye doctor is best for you: perhaps one doctor or their staff were more courteous or eager to help. When you cannot pick between two or more, it is always a good choice to research an individual’s history and go with the doctor that has not had any issues with their license or with malpractice claims. Finally, decide which doctor would cost you less in insurance premiums or co-pays.


There are many excellent eye doctors in the Chelsea area and in greater New York. Residents of the city have many choices for their medical concerns and should do their homework before they make the decision. Decide what eye services you need, check up on a doctor’s history, and look into the financial aspects of paying the bill in order to come to an informed decision.




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