Eye Care Health: Fact Or Fiction

eye care myths fact or fictionOver the years, numerous myths have developed concerning eye health and eye care. Included in these are even just how often a visit to the optometrist should be made. The fact of the matter is that at least once every two years a visit should be made to the optometrist. And by the time a child turns three years of age, a parent should bring them to see the eye doctor. Take a look at the following common myths regarding eye care and just whether or not they are fiction or fact:

Use Of The Computer Can Mess Your Eyes: Fiction

Because of their genetic makeup, deteriorating vision is an issue many people deal with. Frequent use of a computer by them does not have any bearing on their eyesight. Many will find that it is a condition like astigmatism which causes their blurring of the eyes. It is not the computer itself causing their problem.



The Wearing Of Glasses May Cause Dependency: Fiction

There are many people believing that the wearing of glasses causes them to be dependent on them always. This is a false myth. Glasses are meant to offer a person assistance with their vision and not to create any additional problems for them. There will be no “withdrawal symptoms” suffered by that person who suddenly stops wearing glasses. They will simply return to the eyesight they had pre-prescription, which invariably was rather poor.

eye care mythsThe Eye Doctor Is Simply The Eye Doctor: Fiction

There are several different types of eye doctors, and each type has a different purpose. As an example, an ophthalmologist is in fact a full medical doctor. They possess the knowledge and have the training to diagnose diseases of the eyes. In addition, they are qualified to perform different types of eye surgery as well. Optometrists do not possess the same credentials and training level that the ophthalmologists do. They can deal with certain eye disorders but not all. As an example, they cannot perform surgery on the eyes, and may not prescribe medications.

A Child’s Eyes May Be Destroyed Sitting Close To A TV

For decades now the myth about sitting close to the television and having problems occur has existed. In truth, children normally adjust very well sitting close to the television. They truly do so much better than an adult can. There can however be an issue for the child sitting close to the television and that may be the presence of myopia. The parent may want to consult a doctor if they notice the child consistently sitting so close to the television.

There are a lot of other eye care myths in existence, but these mentioned are among the most common.

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