Top Eye Care Mistakes You Might Be Making

image of comprehensive eye exams Manhattan NYDespite the fact that one relies on their eyes from the time they wake up right up to when they sleep, most people take their eyes for granted. Considering the huge role vision plays in one’s life, it’s important to care for the eyes properly. There are a few eye care mistakes to avoid if you want your vision to stay healthy well into old age.

Not Getting Annual Comprehensive Eye Exams

Many people overlook the importance of eye exams, mostly because they think their vision is alright. If you’re finding it hard to remember the last time you had a comprehensive eye check-up, it has been too long. Furthermore, vision changes aren’t the only reason you should see an eye doctor every year; it’s about your overall health.

Many people have discovered they are diabetic or hypersensitive following an eye exam. Because there are no pain receptors behind the eye, tumors and broken blood vessels could go undiagnosed till one starts experiencing vision issues. The best way to avoid forgetting your eye exam is to schedule the appointment for the next year following the conclusion of your check-up.

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Sleeping In Contact Lenses

When you hit the sack without taking off your contacts, your cornea will be deprived of oxygen. Besides the higher risk of infection and bacteria growth due to oxygen deprivation, the habit also makes you more vulnerable to corneal ulcers. And while some types of contact lenses are approved for overnight wear, even those can be risky.

So even when taking a short nap, you should remove your contact lenses. If you ever fall asleep in your lenses, don’t attempt to take them off right away. Instead, you should first use artificial tears to lubricate the lenses before removing them after half an hour. Don’t forget to switch to glasses for the rest of the day.

Not Using Sunglasses When Necessary

There’s the mistaken assumption that sunglasses are only meant for the summer or sunny weather. However, wearing them during winter is just as important. Because sunlight reflects off the snow, it can cause issues like corneal burns and visible spots on the white segment of one’s eyes. So make it a habit to wear sunglasses whenever you’re out in the sun. And make sure that your glasses protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Staring At Electronic Devices For Too Long

In the current digital world, many people are constantly using smartphones, computers, tablets and televisions. Such devices are known to emit blue light, which is reported to be just as perilous as UV light. Besides, focusing on a single item for hours on end causes the eyes to strain, in addition to headaches.

When using electronic devices with screens, practice the 20-20-20 rule: After every 20 minutes, take a break for 20 seconds and focus on something else located at least 20 feet away. You should also remember to blink constantly; you may not have been doing it enough times before.

Touching And Rubbing Your Eyes

This tends to happen when one is tired and/or trying to stay awake. Although the habit carries minimal risk, excessive rubbing of the eyes could cause inflammation and broken blood vessels. Only rub your eyes with the lids closed, and never touch the inner part. This prevents the collection of germs and dirt on the eye’s protective membrane.

Using Expired Lenses, Solution, And Drops

Contact lens solutions contain cleansers that eradicate bacteria. To ensure that such ingredients work effectively, only use the products before the specified expiry date. You also need to ensure you change the solution in which you put the contacts overnight; this tends to break down and weaken over time. Prescription eye drops and artificial tears also have expiration dates that should be cautiously observed.


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Vision is the most vital sense in the human body. So put some thought into how you care for your eyesight and take the necessary steps to ensure your eyes are healthy, rested and protected. Remember that scheduling comprehensive eye exams on a regular basis is the most important thing when it comes to preventing disease and safeguarding your vision.

It is vital to take care of your eyes. You can do this by making sure that you schedule a  comprehensive eye exam. This will ensure that your eyes remain healthy and that any eye health issues will be found early on. This will prevent any issues from being left untreated,

Schedule an eye exam today in Manhattan NY. Our staff is friendly, positive and professional. We are committed to providing each patient with quality vision solutions.

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