Color Blindness: Causes, Symptoms, & Solutions

color blindnessHumans are attracted to color. This is reflected in art, household color schemes, or down to the color of clothes that you see people wearing. Living in a world full of colors not only adds to the human experience but it makes us uniquely human. We, culturally, have defined specific colors to have certain meanings such as red is an indicator of love or purple is an indicator of being calm. The importance of colors starts when a child first picks up a crayon and selectively chooses which color he or she would like to scribble with. However, not all humans are capable of living in this vibrant, colorful world. Many people are born unable to see the full range of colors. Color blindness is more common than you might realize. In this article, we will discuss the causes and symptoms of color blindness, a solution to this condition, and one man’s experience when using these glasses.

Color Blindness: Causes & Symptoms

Color blindness affects many people. Generally, color blindness does not limit people who have it from being able to conduct everyday tasks. You would not know, unless told, that a person is color blind. People who are color blind have issues distinguishing between colors, in particular, red and green or blues and yellows. Also, they are incapable of differentiating between hues of the same color and the brightness of colors. In some more extreme cases, people with color blindness can only see in black in white. Typically, most people with color blindness need to learn adaptive methods to conduct tasks that involve colors. In the following article titled, Color Blindness by Bausch + Lomb, they discuss the causes of color blindness:

Color blindness is a genetic condition caused by a difference in how one or more of the light-sensitive cells found in the retina of the eye respond to certain colors. These cells, called cones, sense wavelengths of light, and enable the retina to distinguish between colors. This difference in sensitivity in one or more cones can make a person color blind.

This article discusses the causes and symptoms of color blindness. Although there are very few people that are affected by this condition, those who are affected need to learn adaptive methods to cope with it. In a world that is so oriented around color, it is an absolute necessity. Below, we have shared a video that further discuss the causes of color blindness:

Eye Wear That Corrects Color Blindness

For those that have color blindness, there is good news. Now there are glasses that will allow a person with this condition to see a full range of color. It has helped those even with the most severe of cases. Finally, for the first time, those who have not been able to see colors or color contrasts, are able to see a world full of detail. The person who is credited for creating these glasses is named Don McPherson from EnChroma. Dr. McPherson was highlighted in an article published in the Smithsonian Magazine titled, A Scientist Accidentally Developed Sunglasses That Could Correct Color Blindness, they discuss these glasses in further detail:

Based in Berkeley, California, McPherson, who has a PhD in glass science from Alfred University, originally specialized in creating eyewear for doctors to use as protection during laser surgery. Rare earth iron embedded in the glasses absorbed a significant amount of light, enabling surgeons to not only stay safe, but also clearly differentiate between blood and tissue during procedures.

A problem arises when the red-green cones overlap too much, a condition that accounts for 99 percent of colorblindness cases. When this happens, in the previous scenario, instead of yellow, an individual would perceive little, if any color. EnChroma’s technology works by placing a band of absorption on glasses that captures light, pushing the cones away from each other and reestablishing the normal distribution of photons on them.

The glasses that are created by this company are capable of fixing up to 80% of color blindness cases. This is remarkable for those who have had color blindness and for the first time, they are capable of of seeing colors that they were not able to see before. This can certainly change someone’s life.

For one man, it has been the difference between really being able to see his kids’ faces for the first time. The Elko Daily Press interviewed a person who is seeing the benefits of using these glasses.

“I had no idea what I was missing,” Rea said.

He almost cried when he saw the faces of his children with color and contrast for the first time.

Rea has been color blind his entire life, and two of his three brothers are also color blind. His case is severe, where the retinal cone cells of the eye do not recognize most secondary or tertiary colors. He also cannot see texture or contrast.

“If anybody is color blind I recommend getting a pair of these glasses,” Rea said. “Looking back at my memories I regret not being able to see like this.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Being able to see color makes a huge difference in the quality of life. These glasses are affordable and range from about $325 to $450. There are many different styles available to suit anyone’s needs. The positive response that users are having is incredible and life-changing.

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