Choosing The Right Frames For Eye Glasses

Your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you, so making them look their best is key. Choosing the right eye glasses and frames for your face is a matter of matching your shape to the frame and suiting your personality, regardless if it is vintage, modern, sporty, casual or serious. Women tend to think more fashionably than men, however we see men starting to take an interest in their eye glasses and especially the frames selection more recently.



If you have a head that is square shaped, choose a frame whose widest point matches the widest point of your head. Square shaped glasses will make you look boxy and draw attention to your chin line. Glasses with soft lines are will be more flattering. A style that is becoming more popular with women is the Cat frame eyeglasses. Cat eye glasses frames are some of the best frames to flatter women.

Heart Faces

If your chin is much thinner than your forehead, you are considered a “heart” shaped. Choose frames that are wider at the bottom to minimize the width of the top of your face. Square and rectangular glasses are the best types to suit your shape. There are many eye glasses frames, from vintage to modern, that compliment your shape.

Long, Oblong Faces

If your face is long and you have a pronounced chin, go with large eye glasses frames for women or men. These frames will draw attention away from the length of your face and make the eye focus more on width. There are great trendy glasses (vintage and current) that will make you look great for both women and men.

finding the best glasses for your face shapeOval Faces

If you are more oval shaped, you’re in luck. Almost any style of glasses will suit your style and you can pull off just about any look. From vintage cat eye glasses frames to round and square shapes, there are not too many styles that look bad on oval faces. Here is a cool looking pair of vintage cat eye frames that are making a comeback.

With any glasses, your eyes should be centered in the lenses and the temples should be level with your face. They should tip neither up nor down and should be symmetrical. Your glasses should not sit down on your nose. Make sure they are the correct size for you and are comfortable to wear.


When it comes to choosing the color of your glasses, there are some hues that will better complement you than others. For those with dark brown eyes, natural tones work well. If your eyes are a lighter blue or green, go with complementary, but not matching colors. There are many great frame colors to choose from, but few will suit your hair and skin tone. Try on a few pairs to determine the best look for your style.

Eye Glasses Frames for Men

The same rules apply to men as they do women when selecting the right eyeglasses, even when looking at designer or vintage frames. While men tend to have more angular faces, there are many round shaped glasses that work well on men. However there are definite style frames that men will avoid, such as the vintage cat eye glasses frames above.

Most men go with sharp lines and boxy frames that accentuate their jawline. Choosing the right pair is a matter of matching the frames to your style and mission. Whether you are looking for a trendy style to complement your wardrobe or a basic pair for everyday use, there are many great styles for women and men that will work well with your face.

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