children's eye health and optometry

More Time Outside Means Better Eyesight For Children

With summer on the horizon, kids are itching to get outside to explore and play. Recent research suggests, not only will outdoor exercise help kid's physical well-being, but it may also be a key to their eye health---provided over-exposure to damaging UV rays is avoided. Read this article to find the latest research between the correlation of eye health and outdoor play for children. Read more »

color blindness

Color Blindness: Causes, Symptoms, & Solutions

Humans are attracted to color. This is reflected in art, household color schemes, or down to the color of clothes that you see people wearing. Living in a world full of colors not only adds to the human experience but it makes us uniquely human. We ,culturally, have defined certain tones to have specific meanings such as red is an indicator of love or purple is an indicator of being calm. The aspect of the importance of colors as being human starts when a child first picks up a crayon and selectively chooses which color he or she would like to scribble with. However, not all humans are capable of living in this vibrant, colorful world. Color blindness is more common than you might realize. Click through to read about the causes of color blindness, its associated symptoms, and glasses that has allowed people with color blindness to see the full range of colors for the first time. Read more »

protective eye wear

How Protective Eyewear Can Change Your Life

Most of us, experience the world through our eyes. It is important to make sure that we take care of our eyes. However, we tend to take our sense of sight for granted. There are many times where people do yard work without protective eye wear or people go to work on a construction site and they are not wearing the necessary protective eye wear. Click through to learn more on the benefits of wearing protective eye wear. Read more »

image of cataract by Chelsea optometrist

Chelsea Optometrist Discusses Cataracts And Associated Symptoms

Cataracts are a condition where the lenses of your eyes become clouded. When you look at an object, the rays of light pass into your eye via the pupil. From there, the rays are directed through the lens to your retina -- which is a collection of light sensitive tissue located deep inside the eye. For the light to focus correctly on the retina, the lens has to be clear. When the lens becomes clouded, a cataract develops. Click through to learn more on cataracts symptoms and treatments. Read more »

eye glasses maintenance

Tips For Keeping Your Glasses Clean

Seeing double, or perhaps, not seeing at all? It may not be time for a new perception yet, but it's definitely time for you to clean your glasses. Properly caring for your glasses is the number one way to ensure they last a long time. It doesn't have to be complicated or worrisome, the proper care for your glasses is simple and easy. From the frames to the class there's a proper tool and technique that will keep them clean and in top working order. Here are our top tips to properly care for your glasses. Read more »

macular degeneration

What Is Macular Degeneration?

With the aging of the Baby Boom Generation, loss of eyesight through age-related macular degeneration is expected to hit epidemic proportions by the year 2030, with more than 6.3 million Americans suffering its effects. Facing those numbers, it is important to know just what is macular degeneration and what is known about it. Learn more on the causes and symptoms of macualr degeneration. Read more »